Horo-Sha Seijuro


Human Barbarian, works as a mercenary currently and gives no shits (shown by his true neutral alignment). He kicks ass and takes names, and sometimes takes ass too, when there’s time. Seijuro takes on all challenges and never backs down once a fight has started.


Horo-sha Seijuro (Seijuro the Wanderer (its a self given title)) is a human barbarian from the distant land of Eldevaar. His parents are natives of Yoshori who moved away to avoid the building conflict in the region. Seijuro moved back after his parents died, to start a new life, but ended up becoming a mercenary because “why not”.

He was trained by this guy:

When Seijuro was finished with his training, he was given the Greatsword as a sign of his accomplishments.

Recently he has become a Lord of Nobu’s Rest, and also the General of their army. Seijuro also has an unnamed squire that will make more of an impact on the story later.

Horo-Sha Seijuro

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